The launch of the Great Awakening Tour live from the River Church – Rodney Howard Browne

This week has been a very interesting week.  The launch of the Great Awakening Tour live from the River Church has been amazing.  I have been working the call center and praying with people during the live broadcast.  I have seen God do amazing things for people who have called in asking for a touch from God.  One lady I prayed with said that she had been seeking the baptism of the Holy Spirit for years and had never seemed to get a breakthrough.  I told her what the Word says about if we ask for bread God not giving us a rock but would give us what we asked for if we would just believe.  I read her a couple of scriptures and told her to put her hand on her belly and just begin to thank God for filling her.  I prayed and then all of a sudden she began praying in the Holy Ghost in other tongues.  She started crying and said that no one had ever told her it was that simple.  Another lady I prayed with had been having pain in her neck and back.  When we prayed she said “I know that God wants to heal me and I receive it now”.  I commanded the pain to go from her and she said that she felt a heat all over and was pain free for the first time in months.  Praise the Lord!  As I continue to work in the call center I am pressing my faith in even further as I have a new revelation that the GAT and the outpouring that God is doing is not about me but has everything to do with HIM and His wanting to touch people .-Darrel G.

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