The fire of God is so good for us – Rodney Howard Browne

Blogging class I have seen the Lord do many mighty works during the great Awakening tour service There have been healings and miracles and I always’ wonder what is happening on the lord’s operating table when people are on the carpet. My experience has been that he shows me by his Holy Spirit the things in my heart that need to change. He touches me with his fire and burns out all impurities. It seems to carry over into everyday life also. Today at school we had one of our instructors pray for the need of healing and some other things, also one of our instructors preached on being Brother Jekyll or rather do not be a brother Jekyll. Convicting to say the least. The fire of God is so good for us, if we can stand the heat and stay in the fire then we can come out on the other side of these meetings better more Christ like creatures. We need to make a decision to become completely immersed in the presence of God. Ezekiel 47:2 then the water began to rise. When first measured, the waters were to the ankles; soon the waters were to the knees. Then to the loins. Finally it was over his head! The waters were risen, waters to swim in, a river that could not be passed over. that’s how we should be in these meetings, so totally covered that were swimming in it. Some people wade in only ankle deep, they like a little sprinkling of the anointing. Others like to go in up to their knees, they can splash around but still turn around and run. But when you are in up to your neck in it you better know how to swim. Many want to keep their head above the water to try to stay in control and make logical, carnal decisions. We should all take the plunge completely, get totally submerged and be totally anointed and blessed. That way the enemy has no target. Get under the spout were the glory comes out! –Marty L.

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