Rodney Howard Browne – Trinette S. Testimony

We, like many other students, moved from a home and property that was paid for, left full-time jobs with state benefits and the securities of familiarity of environment with family and friends close by having those we love scratching their heads and questioning our sanity.  For you see, the security we had come to know was in itself most recent, with both my husband and I gainfully employed for the first time in our 17 ½ years of marriage.  Everyone had thought we had arrived at status quo, working at one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country and living the American dream.  We however, we very unsettled in our spirits; knowing that there was certainly a greater picture and purpose for our lives.  Everywhere we looked, be it the shuttle riding into the hospital or the cars surrounding us in the middle of rush hour traffic, we saw souls and questioned how many of them were counted for the Kingdom of Heaven.  This burden continued to rise up in us until we could no longer question our purpose; we HAD to get to the River!

Since coming a little more than three weeks ago now to the Tampa area, just two hours from “home” near Gainesville, Florida, I have felt a multitude of emotions.  In all honesty, there were many times, especially during that first week of adjustment for my family that I wanted to tuck tail and RUN; however, we adjusted accordingly, prayed a lot and learned to rely on God much more.

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