Rodney Howard Browne – Tiffany M. Testimony

It all started about 7 months ago when my husband came home very excited with a soul winning script in his hand a smile and excitement I have never seen him with before. He told me he was flipping the channels and came across a Pastor and his wife who were speaking about what we have been questioning and praying to God about. He told me that he went down to the church and got trained up to go soul winning. He hit the streets and led people to the Lord for the first time.  So the next night we came to a Great Awakening service and experienced God like we had never experienced him before. We were baptized with the Holy Ghost and Fire and received our heavenly prayer language. That was the first time that I truly felt the power of God, laid out on the ground speaking in another language other than my own pinned to the floor unable to move with a million thoughts going through my mind. I knew for sure for sure that God was real and that he loves me! Since that night my whole life has been changed I found a new love for others and look at life from an eternal prospective.

I want to see everyone saved and set free from bondage. I have learned that nothing I have is by my own strength but by the grace of God. I have been trained up to win souls for the lord and that is exactly what I do. I have lead many souls to the Lord including people at my work place which is very big for me. It is very big to me due to the fact that I get persecuted at work by not only co-workers but supervisors as well for being so into Jesus. They call me Jesus Girl at work and if they see me talking to someone they will interrupt a conversation to ask if I am converting someone else today. Well many of the seeds of the devil who were being a thorn in my side are now children of the Most High God.

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