Rodney Howard Browne – Megan M. Testimony

Since my arrival God has really changed my life.  Before I got here I was living in a town filled with poverty and lack.  My mindset about giving was infiltrated with religion.  Though I had been broken through in the area of giving before, I didn’t realize I had backslid in that area.  Last week when the giving services broke out, I felt the Lord pulling on my heart to do something big. Sunday morning while Pastor Rodney was teaching about offering and telling the congregation what happened in the school the previous week, the Lord began to deal with me about giving my alabaster box.

He said, “Give your wedding ring”.  I was shocked.  I tried to push the thought out of my head.  I battled back and forth, taking the ring off and putting it back on several times.  I decided not to give it, and made myself forget about it.  As crazy as it sounds, about a minute later, the ring itself began feeling extremely uncomfortable.  It was as if the ring was on fire!  I couldn’t stand it! I had to take it off and put it on the alter.  I moved to the end of my row and gained permission from the usher to place it on the alter.  After I gave the ring to God I felt something break inside of me.  The power of God fell on me so strong; I had to get on my knees before him.

I was crying and laughing at the same time.  I was on my face like this for several minutes when I felt a tap on my shoulder.  I looked up to see another Bible student.  She took her wedding ring off of her hand and slipped it on mine.  Not only was it beautiful, it was the perfect fit.  My husband and I both had such an indescribable experience with God after this happened.  I really cannot write it in words.  All I know is I will never be the same again!

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