Rodney Howard Browne – Mary F. Testimony

The last two days have been amazing!  I think it would be safe to say that The River at Tampa Bay Church is a soul winners paradise.  Sunday morning I almost came unglued when Pastor Rodney shared about the group of men who were in someone’s home watching football and when the game was over, while channel surfing, they stopped on the broadcast of our evening meeting.  One of the men called the ministry to ask us to please explain what just happened to his three friends who were rolling on the floor laughing and crying.

Then, on Sunday evening I helped out in the phone room taking calls from people throughout the nation and around the world. The phones rang off the wall!  There are so many hungry and hurting people out there.  I led seven people to the Lord and prayed for an eighty-one year old grandmother who had sore knees.  All the soreness left and she begin bending her knees and walking around the house praising God for what He had done for her.  Today I took a team soul winning in a very depressed neighborhood.  Three people received the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

A man who had just gotten home from the emergency room was in so much pain he could hardly walk.  We led him to the Lord and prayed for him.  All the pain left his back.  He was amazed.  He said, “Now I can go back to work.”  In only two hours we went door to door preaching the Gospel and prayed the prayer of salvation with seventy-six people.  These are the days that were just a prayer and a dream only a few years ago. How awesome is our God! –Mary F.

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