Rodney Howard Browne – Marty L. Testimony

Since the start of school and the river school revival at R.B.I. the Lord has made some major changes in me. I have made a decision to press into the things of God like never before. It actually started in my second year at R.B.I. I had made a decision then to do whatever the Lord told me to and the result was awesome blessings from the Lord. As I have made myself available to him, he has made himself more available to me also.

He is growing my faith and showing me who I am to be in Him, a strong prayer warrior in the call center for this year is just the start of his ministry for my wife and me. I am becoming more and more patient and more humble before the Lord. I am also finding myself becoming more hungry and thirsty for the things of God. This is my third year in R.B.I. and God is showing me how to take everything that comes my way, the good the bad and the ugly and to use these things to my advantage, to learn from these circumstances to flow in the Holy Ghost and take it all in stride not in strife.

I never thought I would have come back to R.B.I. after my first year back in 05-06 but the Lord has a way of making us see things his way. (Thank you Jesus!) the best decision of my life so far was coming back to R.B.I. for my second and now third year.

This is just the start of the school year and I am so excited to see what God is doing in not only my life but so many new students that have stepped into the call that God has placed on their lives it is going to be a Great year at the River Bible Institute. Thank you Pastor Rodney and Adonica and all the Pastoral staff at the River, you are a Great blessing to everyone you Minister to…..Marty L.

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