Rodney Howard Browne – Mackie M. Testimony

The Great Awakening services has been awesome, GOD is doing amazing things in the service, I believe America will be shaking by the power of GOD during this Great Awakening, thousands and thousands souls will come to the kingdom of GOD to proclaim his glory. The presence of GOD is moving in the service so powerful, people are being set free and delivered, it amazing of what happening. I don’t have the opportunity to come to the service every night, but the few nights I’ve attended were tremendously reviving my spirit and strengthen me in the tings of GOD.

I can honestly say I am bless to be part of this great event, once again I am so bless to be part of this ministry, I’ve grown so much in the thing of GOD, every since I started coming to this church, my life incredibly change. I am so thankful of what GOD is doing in my live; no word can quietly describe the blessing this ministry pour out in my life. I use to always have a passion burning in my heart to tell people about JESUS, but I didn’t know how to start, one day I came visit the River and Pastor Daniel announced soul winning where they go out every day to preach the good news, I got so excited and I say to myself  “I think I am in the right place” I’ve been longing to know how to win souls to CHRIST, finally my dream came true, I met with Pastor Jennifer and taught me how to soul winning and sent me on the field and about ten peoples give their heart to GOD. –Mackie M.

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