Rodney Howard Browne – Jessica D. Testimony

My family truly is being touched and set on fire! My 13 year old daughter is home schooled by virtual school and yesterday she felt on her heart to email the online script on to all the teachers. She sent out the email to about 50-60 teachers. Unfortunately the vice principle emailed her and the teachers she emailed saying she was not allowed to send those kind of emails. The good part is that it was already sent!! The Holy Spirit will do the rest! I was so happy that my daughter was obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit. After she sent the email she could not move from her seat. She said she felt the Holy Spirit and was hot.

I was praising God!!

Today I went to Sam’s club and saw some people I had witnessed to before. I got to encourage one to come to our services. He was inquiring about the bible school. I got to talk to another that I had prayed with and he told me him and his daughter is going to church now. I was so happy to see the fruit! I also got to lead a father and daughter to the Lord in the parking lot as I was leaving.

I also prayed for the man to be healed. He has no feeling in his legs and cannot use them very well due to a blood clot he had removed. I am believing God to do mighty things for him. I gave him a card with the churches information and invited them to come to church. His daughter had never had anyone tell her that God loves her and has a wonderful plan for her life. I thank God for the opportunity to be the one to share His lover for her. -Jessica D.

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