Rodney Howard Browne – Angela P. Testimony

These revival meetings have showed me how important it is to be confident and to know who you are in Christ because it is He that is living in and through you.  It is important to press in at all times so you won’t lose your focus on who you are in Christ.  When you keep your eyes on Jesus you will overcome despite your circumstances.  When you are confident, you will have the boldness that you need to win people to the Lord and fulfill the great commission.  You will have a greater impact when you go outside the four walls of the church.  You will be a working vessel for the Lord.  Church is not only for you to sit and be an observer; it is for you to get fed and filled up so you can go out on the highways and the byways and overflow.

So don’t ever under estimate the power of going outside the four walls of the church to the streets because you never know whom you will impact.  I have been applying this aspect to my own life because I was always apprehensive when it came to approaching people.  I have always kept to myself and never spoke to anyone I didn’t know.  Now I go soul winning every week with the church and when I’m not in church I still win people to the Lord.  I was eating at a small local restaurant and the cook got saved. My friend and I wanted to go somewhere to soul win so we went to the laundry mat and bunch of people got saved while they were doing their laundry.  –Angela P.

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