Rare Veracity by Rodney Howard Browne

If Job’s story were made into a film and your folks had hired it for tonight, when you came to this part of the tale you’d fast-forward ; you would not desire your kids to observe. We do not wish to think a person as great as Job in chapters one and two is the same man you meet in chapter three.

Why? In part because we have this skewed idea that anyone who walks this closely with the Lord God lives contentedly forever. Of course, “God loves you and has a superb plan for your life.” Right? If you did not know better, you might think you could sprout wings before your conversion is a week old and begin to soar thru life. We want to understand that God’s “wonderful plan” is excellent from his point of view, not yours and mine.

But God’s glorious plan isn’t like that. Job brings us back to raw reality—God’s sort of fact. Remember his query, the one he asked his wife? “Shall we accept good from God and not accept adversity?” And remember that closing line? “In all this Job didn’t sin with his lips” ( Job 2:10 ).

The same man shortly steps into a completely new frame of reference. We do not need our hero to think or talk as he does here. He does not appear as if he is a person of God any more. He even has the audacity to point out at the end, “I am not at ease. I am in turmoil.” What has happened? We are given entrance into a troubled side of Job’s life that’s as real as any of our lives today, but the difference is, Job lets it all out. Fortunately, he reminds us that even the godly can be depressed. Ever been seriously depressed? God is still there.

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