When the Shadows Strikes by Rodney Howard Browne

rodney howard browne shares the love of Christ

Why did Elijah fear Jezebel’s threatening threats? Why did he run away from his longstanding emphasis of serving God and hide in fear under the shade of that solitary tree, deep in the wilderness? He was so shortsighted that he did not consider the source of this threat. The threat had not come from God ; it had come from an unbelieving, carnal homo sapien who lived her godless life light-years from God.

If Elijah had been thinking clearly and realistically, he’d have realized this. 3rd , Elijah was caught in the backwash of a great victory. That is when we want to set up a shield against the enemy.

He used to be a wanted, hunted man, considered by the king to be Public Enemy Number One. There’s little doubt that Elijah had come to the end of his rope physically and, for sure, emotionally—all of which could not help but weaken him spiritually. I’m not sure if Elijah was offended, but I’ll tell you he was tired. You can hear it in his tired words : “It is sufficient ; now, O LORD, take my life, for I’m not better than my fathers.”. It’ll cultivate a victim mind-set in your head. And in the worst-case eventuality, it can bring you to the point of wanting to die, which is precisely where Elijah was. We open the door for that pathetic liar, self-pity, when we build an impractical standard and then can’t measure up to it. Self-pity mauls its way within our minds like a beast and claws us to shreds.