A Lifelong Struggle by Rodney Howard Browne

In the lifelong tussle with enticement and natural want, followers are told to “put on” the Lord Jesus Christ. This becomes a daily activity by which you decide who’s going to live your life for you today. Are you going to live in the flesh, or is Jesus going to have the right of living His life through you? Folk have different terms for the “flesh,” but in simple terms it’s the normal part of each person that wants to operate in opposition to God. It sometimes reveals itself by challenging the limitations the Lord set for humankind’s good. We’ll always have this fleshly nature, but we do not have to live by it, and we do not have to surrender to it. Why? As we have the Holy Spirit living inside. When he indwells us, we possess 2 mindsets – the mind of the Spirit leading toward God and the mind of the flesh leading away from Him. Because these 2 ways of thinking are against one another, conflict and warfare result. Rodney Howard Browne explains that we are in a genuine battle, which needs real weapons.

We’ve got the helmet of deliverance so we will not surrender our minds to the flesh. The breastplate of goodness protects our feelings from giving way to natural wants. We put on the belt of truth, which enables us to stroll honestly instead of in the flesh. Pastor Rodney Howard Browne teaches that there’s a real shield of religion because there are real darts of doubt.

Rodney Howard Brown explains that we are at war, but we are well provided for it. God always leads us in victory.