Our Perspective of God by Rodney Howard Browne

Yesterday’s attention concluded with the assumption the basis of prayer is our perspective of God. It is not enough to mouth the words of the Lord’s Prayer ; we must also believe God can meet the wishes we bring to Him. That is why our knowledge of Him has such an effect on our lives. First, our perspective influences what we ask – in particular, the dimensions of our petition is influenced.

Folk frequently say, “I could not ask God for that” because they considered the request too much – but what might be too large for an omniscient and omnipotent God? We limit our blessings when we ask just for what we will achieve with our own resources, instead of depending on Him to give the will and the way. 2nd , our experience of God is affecting our way of life.

Spotting God wants to stroll with us should produce the need for a pure heart. We all know that living in deliberate sin short-circuits our fellowship with Him. Therefore , our perspective of Him is affecting how we think, behave, and relate to folks. Eventually , our point of view on God impacts our religion. If we see Him as some distant being who plays faves, then we won’t expect much from our requests. But if we realize he is an all-powerful Father who loves us personally, then we are able to pray with the confidence that we’ll be heard. Knowing God intimately will transform our natural bent toward doubt and sin into an underlying sense of gigantic peace and religion.

Our requests are heard by an individual God. Have you taken the time to get to know Him?