Confess Your Jealousy by Rodney Howard Browne

Is it possible to grab control of an envious attitude? Yes, it definitely is! Knowing that God wants His children to be responsible for these feelings, let’s inspect some particular things you can do to gain victory. Rodney Howard Browne teaches to confess your envy. This emotion will always – always – take your eyes off God and fix them on somebody else or object. That, at its heart, is idolatry.

When you place a higher price on some “thing” than you place on the Lord, you put yourself under judgment. Repent of that sin immediately! Recognize that you are in feud with God. If He selects to bring some particular blessing into someone else’s life, that is His privilege. Your envy is just an announcement that you believe you deserve that blessing more than the other person. Rodney Howard Browne teaches us to bring this truthfully before the Lord, and ask Him to revive a godly point of view to your mind.

Thank God for what he does in that person’s life. You may not like this point. However, when you praise God – even if you don’t feel like it – you put yourself in a position to get His blessings by showing that you totally trust His judgment. Ask God to set love in your heart for the other person. So frequently in Scripture, the word “jealous” is followed by the word “anger.” don’t permit envy to stir up ill will and hate toward somebody else. Envy can destroy your relationships, your witness, and your own experience of God’s blessings.

Ask the Lord to wipe away these unhealthy feelings today.