Suzanne Testimony

My expectation from internship is that I would have an encounter with the Holy Ghost that would allow me to experience intimacy with Him that I see in so many lives of my spiritual leaders.  It didn’t matter what was required of me because no matter what, I would do whatever it took regardless of unexpected changes.  The enlarging that I have experienced to handle the assignments has been in terms of soul winning, as in being sent out on a “power team”.  Lately, a boldness has been arising within me which I have not experienced before and did not know was even present within me!  I was amazed at how I flowed with boldness through the circumstances of what was happening.  A greater passion for souls is being developed within me.  He is also teaching me about obeying His leadings regardless of the wind and the waves, and since I have – I have watched the fruit of His favor in my life!

Taylor Testimony

Internship has stretched me in the areas of pushing past what your flesh wants to do.  I have intentionally put myself into positions where I’m uncomfortable yet doing it with a servant’s heart, and pressing into what God has for me at that moment.  The Holy Spirit has also been teaching me to spend more time with him as if he were standing right in front of me.  He has been helping me develop a heart towards helping people when they have a need and in the long run, putting others before myself and to always remember to put my faith in God, because ultimately it’s all about him.