Rodney Howard Browne – Lesley N. Testimony

It has been another powerful week of meetings! Seeing people driving to come and be a part of what God is doing, and what He is going to do through them. Taking teams  of people out who have never done soul winning, using the script. Listening to them how easy it is just by reading the script. And there testimonies. I have been a part of being on the prayer calls. People excepting Jesus Christ as there Lord and savior. Healings and miracles.

This week what stands out was a phone call I took. A lady called very upset for prayer for her husband. He had been rushed to the hospital in congested heart failure. To say the least she was in a panic mood.. Lord told me to pray peace over her.. Told her I wanted to pray fro her. She said “NO”, pray for my husband. Well I started to pray for her. I read scriptures of peace. She began to listen and calm. Then I said ok let me now pray for your husband. I prayed for him for awhile. The Lord directing my words. Then I told her that we would pray together for his healing. Told her what the bible said where two or more are gathered together there is power. We prayed, and she repeated what I said. We took authority over that fowl spirit of infirmity that had come against her husband. We said burn it out Lord at the root!

I said when you go to hospital tomorrow, lay hands on your husband. Gave her healing scriptures to pray over him. Told her she would be calling me with a praise report!

Next day she goes….. Calls ministry after her visit. “WELL”… she prayed for her husband and when the Doctors came in to check him , there was no sign of the congested heart failure!!!! Wohooooooo!!! Healed in Jesus name!!! This raised this ladies faith, right off the rector scale!! Was powerful. She couldn’t believe the power of just talking Gods word to her over the phone. And how her husband would receive!!! Glory to God. And for God to use me to be the vessel, to pour into her life. God is so good. Preach the word, and watch what happens! -Lesley N