Rodney Howard Browne – Michaela A. Testimony

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It was the beginning of the school year and I asked God to use me for real on soul winning. I wanted God to use me beyond of what He had done before. So we came to this place where I met a guy in my age that totally rejected me in the beginning. But I kept on talking to him, because I really felt like God wanted to touch him. He started to open up himself to me and explain how everything he saw in life was just darkness. His family, his neighborhood, his life everything was a mess and he couldn’t possibly see any way out of it.

But I kept on telling him about my Jesus, who I KNOW can bring him out of it, and help him with everything he’s going through. He still didn’t want to pray the salvation prayer with me, but I noticed how he actually started to listen to what I said. He started to melt up a little, and my friend joined us and we kept on talking for a little bit. We were just about to leave so we invited him to come with us, because we were going to Ignite (the youth meeting). Surprisingly, he wanted to join, so we took him with us to the meeting.

And it was so awesome! Ignite had just started and the first worship song they were playing had lyrics about EXACTLY what he had been talking about saying “you are my light in the darkness, come be my strength” and so on, and I just thought it was perfect. God REALLY touched him in that meeting it was powerful! He prayed and cried and also came back for the Sunday service, looking like a totally new person SO happy! It was a wonderful sight and I can’t thank God enough for using me so this could happen!

Rodney Howard Browne – Miranda T. Testimony

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Well for me something I think is really miraculous. Before this school year I had never gone soul winning before. I was definitely challenging for me. I still remember when I talked to my first person. I could hardly get the script to come out of my mouth without stuttering, but to my surprise the lady closed her eyes and began to say the prayer with me.

It was probably one of the best days of my whole life. I finally understood what Pastor Rodney was talking about concerning soul winning. That our main purpose should be about souls and telling people about Jesus. To see the looks on people’s faces when you tell them about Jesus, and the change in their face when they accept him as their Lord and savior. Theirs is truly nothing quite like it the whole world. It really excites you to see that God is really using you to bring the world to Jesus. Daniel Mcgehee is truly a firecracker for Jesus. He really eats, breathes and is the main example of what it says in the bible about “going out unto the entire world and preaching the Good News to every creature.” He really sparks that fire in people to understand how important it is.

People are getting healed on the streets and set free. I have personally have seen someone get the baptism of the Holy Spirit right there on the street while people were passing by staring. If we do not go to them who will tell them? For this is the question to everyone who reads this. The Good News of Jesus Christ must be told to them. Or else who will help save them from a lost eternity. Will You?

Rodney Howard Browne – Mark E. Testimony

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Before I came to the River soul winning was something that I felt was not possible for me to do. My idea of speaking to people about Jesus was going around my neighborhood sticking tracks in people’s doors. Sometimes the opportunity would even present itself for me to witness but I just thought people didn’t want to hear about God and how He loves them. When I did build up the courage however to talk to someone it was only to invite them out to the next big church event. Come to think of it that’s the only reason we went out to the community. To advertise.

When I first heard the term “soul-winning” I was nervous to say the least. But after learning about The Great Commission and what God expects from us as believers and followers of Him, and listening to the testimonies of people who had been soul-winning it sounded more and more like something I would want to do. But I was still so nervous. What do I say? Then the soul winning script was introduced to me. Wow. What a wonderful piece of literature that is. The first time I went out to the streets it was so eye opening, as I read the script to these strangers something was happening in them.

People that seemed so unapproachable began to open up and listen. I realized that people need to hear about God, and they want to. They’re looking for something. Needless to say soul winning has impacted me in such a life altering way. I finally feel like my Christianity has a purpose. I have an assignment from my Father, my King, my Commander in Chief, and my Lord. And as I’m soul-winning I find myself being refreshed. God gives me the strength and the boldness to continually push for more souls. There is nothing like seeing the love of God in the eyes of the people I pray with. Where once there was darkness the light of God now shines in their life. I have realized it’s all about people.

Rodney Howard Browne – Lloyd M. Testimony

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I have been attending the River School of Worship this past year. Upon coming here for school there have been a number of changes I have noticed in life. Amongst those changes, the greatest on one I would have to say would be soul winning. When I first came to the school, I learned of soul winning that was done here and how it was a requirement for students. Before attending school I didn’t realize the importance of soul winning.

At the beginning of the year I viewed soul winning as program, something I had to do once a week to make sure I would make my grades. But as the weeks went on this program became more of a passion. Before I knew it, I was signing up for extra days beyond my requirement. I think I realized the importance of it when started to notice people would break down during whatever we were doing. One of my most memorable moments was on a late afternoon, I was knocking doors, I came across a woman who was having a bad day and told me she wanted nothing to do with. I told her to have a good day and I carried on.

As I walked, before I could get to the stairs, I felt the Holy Spirit tug on my heart and tell me I needed to get back up there. I turned around and made my way back to that door. I knocked again, this time she answered and said “thank God you came back”. She let me know she was having a bad day and that she wasn’t feeling well. I shared with her what the bible said and led her and her two children in the prayer of salvation, after that I prayed for illness and she was healed. She began to feel better and thanked me for coming back; I told her she should thank Jesus. As I spoke with her some more I offered to lead her in prayer to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. She agreed and I began to lead her and children and they were baptized. When we done as I was leaving she thanked me again for coming back.

This is one of my memorable moments because it was a family who needed to know Jesus and because I willing to listen and follow the Holy Ghost their lives will forever be changed, natural and eternal. How many more people out in the world need to know Jesus? This why soul winning has impacted my life and why it is such an important aspect of Christian’s life.