Rodney Howard Browne – Karen A. Testimony

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Soul winning has changed my life. I came from a Baptist Church that had a very small evangelism ministry that people stayed away from joining and being a part of. I did, mostly, because I was afraid and I felt that I didn’t know how or that I needed certain training for it that I didn’t have time for. I felt disqualified because I wasn’t a minister. I first heard of soul winning from my sister who went out once after being trained with the Gonyon’s in Washington, DC. I came to the next soul winning session because I was so excited after seeing the script. I knew that this was something my spirit man longed to do ever since I got saved. And I never knew how to tell others about Jesus.

For 4 years, after truly accepting Jesus into my heart, I had kept his goodness and grace to myself. My first day out, God allowed me to draw 32 persons to salvation. Once the DC Great Awakening started, I was jumping on buses, and gathering crowds, winning over 300 souls to the Lord in one week. I witnessed multiple healings on the streets, baptisms of the Holy Spirit, persons being delivered and set free and restored back to their Creator. Since Bible School, I have led over 500 additional souls to the Lord. God has placed persons in my path that hated life itself, that were near death and never heard that God loved them, and that were on their way to commit suicide.

The most important thing that God is doing with me is that He is changing my heart to give me a compassion for the people. He has given me a passion for souls. I no longer judge people, as religion trains you to do, but I see them as God sees them. As I laid my hands on prostitutes and prayed earnestly over drug dealers, loved the elderly and comforted widows, the reality of the Bible has come alive right on the streets of Tampa, FL. Soul winning is my purpose, it is my passion, my motivation, the driving force that fulfills the will of God for my life.

As I stay pure and give Him an empty vessel, staying connected to His presence and in fellowship with Him, I can pour out the water that He has filled me with. And I can transfer the anointing and the fire of God to other persons and in an instant change the course of their eternal destiny, from the pit of hell into everlasting life.

Rodney Howard Browne – Kammini C. Testimony

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We were soul winning in a neighborhood where many people accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. We came upon a home where a lady who appeared to be in her forties said she had attended church for many years. As we were talking she decided to rededicate her life to Christ and she received the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues! The great thing was that she had been praying to speak in tongues for a while, but had difficulty receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit in the past. When she prayed she immediately received the Holy Spirit in that same moment. God had answered her prayer.

There were several people in the Wal-Mart parking lot because their vehicles needed to be jumpstarted. I prayed the prayer of salvation with two women and one young boy who appeared to be about 8 years old. The boy received the Joy of the Lord and was filled with laughter as he said the prayer of salvation. The presence of the Holy Spirit was felt by all, especially the young boy. The mother of the boy is now excited about going to church in the near future as well.

I felt joy when I saw that the young people were excited about meeting Jesus Christ for themselves and making Him their Lord and Savior, not just because they are going to heaven, but because I know their lives will never be the same again. Soul winning is the most joyful experience because it is not just a good deed, but a God deed. I find peace in knowing that I am helping people to have assurance that they are going to heaven and showing them ultimate love of God, which is Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection for our sins.

Matters of the Heart | Nellyssa Lopez Testimony

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The ministries of Rodney Howard-Brown have truly changed my life. I am one of five students that carpool everyday from Kissimmee to go to school in the River School of Worship in Tampa, so unfortunately we were unable to attend this past outreach on Sunday morning because we attend a home church during the weekend. I have been going out on the streets though for the last few months telling people about the love of Christ and about the coming gift outreach. I didn’t think at first that the gospel soul winning script worked but I have had a total change of heart. I have seen people’s lives changed just by them repeating the simple words and hearing the words that they speak gives hope. It’s amazing the hunger that people have when you go to them where they are; people that would never go to the church because they don’t know that they need Jesus. Pastor Rodney and his staff have equipped me to do so much more than I thought I could ever do. I have gone out and seen people healed, I have seen people filled with the Holy Spirit, children touched by the power of God, whole families dedicating their lives to the Lord and so much more. I am so thankful that the Lord placed me in a ministry that has such a heart for the people. There is such a love for those that are normally forgotten by the “upper crust” of the church. You can just see the gratitude in their faces because they thought they were left to fend for themselves but now they know that there are people that care. My life has been forever changed. I have gotten past my initial discomfort of speaking to people that I don’t know and I have finally understood where the heart of people truly lies. It is with the people . . . Thank you Pastor Rodney!

Matter of the Heart

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I have been to many of Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s services on Sunday and it is always a pleasure to serve in the “ministry of helps” and lift up the hands of the men and women of God.
On this particular Sunday, it was different

On this Sunday, we had MANY visitors come in with LOTS of children. We were giving away toys to the children. My husband was volunteering as an usher and I was helping the children register for their toy give away. It was really great to be a part of this because I got to see them before the service then, I volunteered in toy distribution after the service. So I got to see these peoples faces before and after. I noticed allot the kids being timid and scared and some seemed excited when they came up to register. Some of the parents seemed a little confused and some were eager to get in the service. It was so awesome to be able to make them feel welcome and see the change in their faces. This change in their faces was especially noticeable after the service when I was in toy distribution volunteering. You could just see that their spirits were fed and they would also leave with a toy….so amazing.

One lady I spoke with had actually been quite grumpy and towards the middle of the service her whole countenance changed! One little girl had been really timid when she registered and then, after the service, she was like a new little girl!

On top of doing all this, The River church had a food ministry. They gave away food to people who needed it. Now they would not only be spiritually fed, they would be physically fed! The service was so anointed. There was something like 350 decisions for Christ! One of the salvations being someone we had invited to the church. What an anointed service and helps ministry. I would recommend this church to anyone and I do!

Winter Camp Meeting | Shani Green Testimony

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Wow, what an incredible experience during Winter Camp Meeting 2010! We truly had eight days of heaven because the theme matched what occurred in January. One of the highlights of the event was my family and friends participating, and not spectating. I prayed fervently that when my family members came, my two sisters and nephew, attended the Winter Camp Meeting that they would hunger for God like never before. I saw my sisters pressed in like never before and even got touched with the joy of the Lord! Hallelujah! My sisters were even more grateful that they attended all of those services. When they returned back to Maryland, church services were cancelled for the next two weeks due to the inclement weather. The Lord always prepares us for the storms ahead. My friend who pressed in also received a huge blessing back at home. God rewards the faithful.

The other highlight of the event was Ted Shuttlesworth preaching. I had previously heard of him but never followed his ministry. After that Friday, I was never the same. Several years ago, I had emergency surgery to get my gallbladder removed. Ever since then, my colon was not processing food correctly and I developed fibroids on my colon. I remember telling my family that I had an infected gallbladder and they were so concerned that they made me feel like I was dying. From then on, I refused to tell my family about the sickness in my body. I just wanted to stand on the Word of God and I did, Matthew 8:17 and 1 Peter 2:23-24. That Friday morning, I woke up and expected God to heal my colon. I didn’t know when or how He was going to do it but I knew that He was. I was pressing in so much that night that I didn’t even know He called me out. My eyes were closed and my hands were raised. He said, “The young lady in the pink shirt, come up here.” With my eyes still closed and hands raised, I was wondering why the lady in the pink shirt was not going up to the front. My friend had to tap me on my shoulder in order for me to even know that he was calling me out. He knew only things that the Spirit revealed. Ever since then, I have had no digestive problems. Jesus is alive and still healing! Amen!