This Present Glory | Kammini Carlton Testimony

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I really enjoyed the Winter Camp Meeting 2010. The Word of God was awesome. It was encouraging and helped me to find some direction for my life, and it helped me to understand why God does things that way that He does in my life. The Word of God delivered helped me to understand others as well. Most importantly, I learned more about the operation of the Holy Spirit and how to flow in the Holy Spirit.

As a result of attending the conference, I was reminded of the importance if making the harvest of souls a priority in my life. I do not ever want to lose focus on the importance of winning souls for Christ. Eternity was felt in the room and I was reminded to be more cautious of the way that I live, so that I can be blameless when it is time for me to stand before God. I must always remember to keep short accounts with God, no matter what because eternity is at stake.

In addition, I enjoyed working in the bookstore during the conference because I knew that every product that I sold would help to raise money for the harvest of souls and would be used for the furtherance of the Kingdom of God. It gave me great pleasure and honor to sell my first IPOD to a lady who was excited to receive it. I could see that she was looking forward to the great impact buying that IPOD would be on her life in God as will as for the Kingdom of God. It was wonderful to see to the Lord Jesus Christ bless people in that manner.

It was also wonderful to see my fellow ministers and brothers and sisters in Christ who I had not seen in months, who all gathered together at this conference. It was like a spiritual family reunion. We were growing in the Lord at the same time we were fellowshipping with one another. God was with us as we worshipped Him together just like we will one day in heaven.

Great Awakening Tour City #32 Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia | Elizabeth H Testimony

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On Friday night I was approached by a woman who asked me if we had been to the alzheimer unit at a specific nursing home. I told her that the administration would not allow our team to pray with the patients on that unit. The woman whose name was Tema gave me her phone number and asked me if there was anyway we could return to the facility to pray for her father on the alzheimer unit. I told her that I would send a team to pray for her father on Saturday May 24th. She called ahead and made sure that the staff gave us access to pray for her father. I sent one of our team leaders onto the unit to pray for the gentleman. She came back and said that he was “unresponsive”. I felt led to go onto the unit myself and pray for him. As I knelt down next to him he said “Your a minister aren’t you!”. I said “yes, I am a minister, and your daughter Tema asked me to come and pray for you today.” I read through the gospel script and he rededicated his life to the Lord. Afterwards he said “I bet you didn’t think I was going to pray that prayer with you today.” I told him that I actually felt in my spirit on my way to the nursing home that he was going to pray with me. He then started mumbling words which I could not understand. I was also blessed to be able to pray the prayer of salvation with 15 other patients on that alzheimer unit. The testimony is wonderful and does not end there. When I called Tema back to tell her that her father had rededicated his life to the Lord she began to weep. It turns out that her father was a backslidden preacher who had been hurt by the church and had turned his back on God many years ago. Tema told me that she had not been able to go soul winning this week with our teams in Tri-Cities as she had to work. As she was weeping she told me that God had personally showed her how important it was that we went out and carried the Word of God to the lost. All she kept saying was “God Bless you and your ministry for going out and praying for my father. I will never forget this ministry.” Tema said that she was going to take off of work and fly to Arizona and help our teams bring in the harvest there. It blessed me to see how one small act of obedience on my part could touch this family so deeply.

Elizabeth H
Mango Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #32 Tri-Cities, Tennessee/Virginia | Joseph McC Testimony

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Just wanted to let you know that the wed night service you laid hands on Eric and Karrie P and their daughter Makayla. When Karrie got up she told you she felt rested and ready to have her baby now, it was born at 7am the next morning 9 hours after that statement. I know the Pattons and believe God will use them mightily especailly their new addition! Thank you for coming to the Tri! John Qualls Just wanted to let you know that Jesus is so wonderfully amazing! There was a show on yesterday that Brother Browne was ministering on. I noticed that people were talking about a script to go witness with to help lead people to Christ. I went online today and said, “Okay, Lord. I am just going to give this a shot.” I went to the local market and saw a guy outside smoking a cig and he was very rude and said, “I don’t have time for this!!” I told him that God loved him and God bless. I went across the street to Walgreens and met a very frightened lady who was putting her children in her car when I asked her about Jesus. She said that she already had a realationship with Jesus. Then I thought I would just keep trying to see if someone would listen. I saw a guy who looked like he needed ministry and he certainly did. I drove over to him and followed the scrip. His name was Seth and he began crying because he wanted to give his life over to Jesus but he said that he couldn’t. After a while I dropped him off at home and went back home. I began to pray for him in my car when the Lord said for me to go back to his house and lead him to the Lord. So, after a small fight with the Lord, I went back and He gave his life to Jesus and he is going to church with me Sunday. Thank you Jesus. Thank you Dr. Browne and Andonica. Jesus bless your ministry as you continue giving Him glory, honor and praise for who He is!! In Jesus’ name.

Joseph McC
Cordova Tennessee United States