Great Awakening Tour City #46 iverside, CA | Mary S Testimony

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We went out to Convelsaut Home in Pomona and led 4 people to Christ. Out of them prayed out a unclean spirit of a woman. She cried in a deep mourn and then peace fell on her and she said the sinners prayer in her own voice. Lady could not talk blinked her eyes. Locked down facility with Teresa. Man read prayer of salvation then his mom asked if she could too, and did. Rehab center – same bed, same room mom was in 6 years ago. 1st time out, witnessed to 20, 10 salvations. 2 teenagers standing in front of store accepted the Lord, they were sincere. I was not able to read the Spanish script to some people. I let them read it themselves, which was great because they read it, read it and heard the gospel.

Mary S
California United States

Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Mona R Testimony

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Subway workers, good person, received Christ. She thanked me. We went to a nursing home and as we were praying in each room, I met a woman named Renee who said, “I’ve been praying for someone to come for 4 years. You’re an answer to my prayers. Please come back on a regular basis and pray with us.” Attended June Campmeeting in Florida with my husband and son. Attended the Phoenix Revival – 2 saved out of 20 on Arizona State University, but the real work began when I got home. I went with my niece’s youth (all girls) group in Robstown, TX to minister to the homeless. I led 10 out of 15 to the Lord and we fed 140-150 homeless. In Dec, the girls youth went back out, used the script and led the homeless tot the Lord on their own. In Jan, I attended a nursery home with the girls youth group.

Mona R
California United States

GAT Phoenix

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Today while at nursing home I prayed for rededication with a woman who had deep blisters and wounds on her feet. She asked me to pray for healing after telling me she was Pentecostal. After I prayed for her I noted that tears were just pouring down her cheeks. She then said that she had asked her pastor to come and visit her, but that he had not come. She then said “Isn’t it amazing how God knows just who to bring when you need Him the most.” I had tears in my eyes as I left her room. On Thursday, September 11, 2008, my wife and I drove to the northwest side of Baltimore. I was going to see my ex-family. I had been married to a young lady in 1968 until 1977. Her family and I had never had any reconcilliation. We went to her parents house and her father answered the door. He didn’t recognize me until I reminded him of my marriage to his oldest daughter. Then I asked if he could forgive me for the way I had been before receiving Jesus in 1984. He forgave me and then I was able to lead him to the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise God.

Elizabeth H
Tampa Florida United States

GAT Minneapolis

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Have done soul winning training classes and have taken teams out since the GAT Minneapolis and have led 450 people to the Lord since the meetings at Living Word. Have also assisted Throne Room Minstry with training classes and outreaches in Minneapolis since the GAT Minneapolis meetings in which 150+ people have received salvation. These are unreported stats since the soul winning task force website is not operating tonight. Stats and testimony submitted by Lisa by phone conversation and the fact that Jenny does not have access to a computer at this time.

Jenny P
Chaska Minnesota United States