Recent Student Testimonies

rodney howard browne

God has been doing such awesome things at “The River Church” in Tampa Bay.  I have never been under such a powerful ministry that truly cares and has the Agape love for every single member.  On December 13, 2009, we had a Spanish Outreach for the Tampa Bay area for Christmas.  I had the privilege to be in attendance and serving at our children’s church service.  There were well over 200 kids in attendance and the power of God fell in a mighty way.  From the beginning of service, until the end, the kids were having so much fun praising God with all of their hearts.  There were over 100 first time visitors!  Wow!  We had kids coming in from our bus ministry, where we go to various parts of our communities and bring families to and from church.  This Sunday, we were giving away 1000 toys to the children and 500 boxes of food to the families.  The kids were so hungry for the word of God.  We had over 300 helpers for this service alone to help out with this outreach. We had bike giveaways, games for the kids, and a powerful message that impacted the hearts and lives of everyone in attendance (including the workers) As I looked across the room, I noticed a wide variety of kids.  A lot of the kids are just wanting to be acknowledged and need love. At the end of the service, a alter call was giving and several kids had tears in their eyes because the message had impacted their lives in a special way.  We had close to 150 first time salvations at children’s church this morning.  I have never seen kids flooding to the altar like this and asking Jesus to come into their heats.  I was so excited just to be apart of the service and seeing the harvest of souls!  These kids are the next generation and it is up to us to disciple them.  It is only because of the vision that God has given our pastor, Dr. Rodney Howard-Browne, that we are seeing these kinds of results. He truly is a great man of faith and has a heart after God.  Every person that helped at service, has a strong desire to reach the lost at any cost. The only thing we can take to heaven with us is souls!   The bible tells us to go into all of the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.  Every week we go into these communities to soul win and tell everyone about God’s love for them.  People’s lives are getting impacted and a harvest of people are coming to church every Sunday.  The only reason we are seeing the great harvest of people being saved, is because of all of the seeds that are being planted everyday in the Tampa Bay area.  I truly am blessed to be apart of such a wonderful church, here at “The River”!


Ricky H

Summer Camp Meeting

I grew up in a religious traditional denominational church. I grew up doing all the things that I thought I was supposed to do. I worked with the youth. I sang in the choir, taught Sunday School and Bible school. I did all the church activities. I knew the Bible stories, but I didn’t have the Holy Spirit. I didn’t know anything about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I also had a large interest in missions. I went on my first medical mission trip in 1996 and by 1998 I knew that I was called to be a missionary. I applied to missions boards and tried to go abroad in the traditional church, but God had other things in mind. In 2001, I started to get hungry for the things of God and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in Jan. 2002.

I continued in the religious church for 3-1/2 more years. I started attending praise and worship at home group in January 2004. This was a river group with roots at your church. By July, I began attending on Sunday mornings as well, but continued in my religious church. I thought I could get filled in the river and be used over there. God, however, gave me an ultimatum in April 2005 when Richard Moore came to my church. He prayed for me and the Lord told that I had to leave the religious church before July. You see I was planning to come to the Summer Camp meeting and the Lord wanted to set me free. I was obedient to leave the religious church and God opened the door in June 2005 for me to go to Africa in Nov. 2005. In July however, I came to the Camp Meeting and the Lord touched me in such a big way. He set me free of religion and gave me joy like I had never experienced in my life. The Lord has continued to touch me and to set me free. I went to Ghana and Togo in November 2005 with Wes and Donna Geiger who were touched in your meetings and have now traveled with them to 4 different African nations over the last 1 1/2 years and am committed to serving in their ministry. I am answering the call that was on my life to go to the nations.

I continue to press into the anointing of God every chance I get. I have watched the camp meeting on God-TV the past two nights and both nights I have ended up shaking on my floor in the presence of God. God-TV is such a blessing to be able to bring the anointing across to the people. I don’t know how I lived without the Holy Spirit. I am so thankful for your ministry. It was also during that July 2005 Camp Meeting that the Lord set me free in my giving. I grew up in poverty and had a poverty mentality. During the 2nd meeting that I was at Pastor Debbie Rich shared on the Alabaster Box and the Lord challenged me to empty my check-book and give to your ministry. I struggled with it, but I did it. The Lord was teaching me to trust Him and to give by revelation. I gave and then continued to give that week on my credit card, which I had never done before. The Lord within one week gave me back what I had given in that initial offering 5 times in a bonus from my work. It was amazing. God told me that if I gave that my bills would be paid and I have held Him to that. Praise God! I am thankful for your obedience to serve the Lord. I truly have been witness of the fruit of your ministry — through those who have traveled to our church — Richard Moore, Joe and Becky Cruse, Jimmy and Becky Pearce. Thank you. Praise God!

Knowing Whats Good For You by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us ayers rock

As we are brooding about nourishment, we must remember that while certain foodstuffs could be good for us and mandatory for our health, some are neither. Talking of that, it is an engaging study to test out what was eaten by plenty of the people that lived back in biblical days. Trust me ; you want to think carefully before making the choice to blindly follow the diet of any one person who lived way back then. Immediately before the Exodus, the Hebrews were instructed to prepare and eat roasted lamb, bread without yeast, and sour herbs ( Exodus 12:8-9 ). While on their way to the Guaranteed Land, the Hebrews longed for the fish, fresh vegetables, and melons they’d left in the dust in Egypt, while their outback diet consisted essentially of manna, apart from one complete month when they’d nothing but quail ( Numbers 11:5-9, 18-20, 31-34 ). Samson ate honey out of the body of a young lion he had earlier killed ( Judges 14:8-9 ).

Abigail catered a huge meal of mutton, roasted grain, raisins, bread, and wine to David and his men in the field ( one Samuel 25:18, twenty-seven, 35 ). The soothsayer Elijah drank from a brook and ate bread and beef, brought to him each morning and evening by ravens ( 1 Kings 17:5-6 ). Young Daniel turned down the King of Babylon’s choice food and wine, preferring a diet composed of only veg and water ( Daniel 1:8-12 ).

John the Baptizer limited his diet to locusts and honey ( Matthew 3:4 ).

Jesus and His followers ate fish cooked over an open fire ( John 21:9 ). Peter was instructed to eat “all categories of four-footed animals and crawling creatures of the earth and birds of the air” ( Acts 10:12-13 ). The list is unfinished, but you get the picture. Manifestly , there’s no single dish or preferred food that folks ate in the days of the Bible.

And, honestly, some of the things they actually did eat would make us gag if we attempted to gag them down.

If you doubt that, imagine gnawing on an appetiser of locust and wild honey, followed by a sandwich made from some slabs of some crawling creature placed between a pair bits of manna ( which, incidentally, was like coriander seed and, when you baked it, it tasted like oil, according to Numbers 11:7-8 ). And what God provided for one was not always intended for another.

As I pointed out at the start, each individual is an individual person. That implies every one of us must discover which foods are best for us, which foods our bodies can endure, and which foods we want to stay absolutely away from. All of that may be meticulously determined as a consequence of tests and analyses, if you select. If you hope to get the best nutritive worth from what you eat, it is important that you take the time and go to the difficulty to discover which foods are best for you.

When you make that doggedness, ask Our Lord God for the willpower to say no way to those foods you haven’t any business eating. And while you are at it, do not forget to give Him thanks for the ones that help to keep you healthy, cheerful, energetic, and ardent about life.