Comforting Words by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us ayers rock

In the early l960s when a Christian had a depression that ended in Job’s sort of thinking and candid admission, you never announced so in public. The 1st book I read on this subject, covering emotional chaos and psychological sickness among Christians, was considered heresy by the majority of my evangelical pals. The pervasive opinion then was simple : Christians failed to have breakdowns.

Additionally , you definitely didn’t say “depressed.

Shame on shame that you did not trust the Lord thru your struggle and find Him trustworthy to help “get over” your depression.

I remember being told by a seminary prof, who talked to us about assisting families with funerals, that if you probably did funerals for people that had committed suicide and the deceased was a Christian, we were never to say that fact. Candidly , it did not sound right then, and it does not sound right today. And I did not know enough to know that Job three was in the book back then. Had I known, I might have announced, “Hey, what about Job?”. I need to write to you who are reading these lines who might be in the pit, trying to find your way back. It’s possible that things have got so dark you need a competent Christian psychologist ( or psychiatrist ) to help find your way. The most intellectual thing you can do is find one and go. Ensure that the advisor truly does know the Lord Jesus and is really competent, able to supply the direction you want so you can work your way thru your maze of distress.

And, I might add, “God bless you for each hour you spend finding your way out of the hole that you’ve been in.